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Helpful Links

The following are just a few of the resources available to promote the understanding of respiratory disorders:

Helpful links for patients with Sleep Apnea:

Helpful links for patients with COPD:

Emergency Preparedness for those with life support equipment

Losing electrical power can be a life-threating, emergency situation for patients who rely on power-dependent equipment. For example, some patients require respirators or kidney dialysis machines. We wanted to share resources for power-dependent patients, such as some of our local electricity providers offer an Emergency Medical Equipment Program. While not all of the programs are exactly the same, most offer features such as notification of scheduled outages, notification of severe storms, such as hurricane warnings, and an information package sent annually to help prepare for emergencies. Check the list below to see if your local electricity provider offers such a program and to get more information about program specifics. To qualify for these programs, participants must have certification from a licensed physician that a medical need exists. Please note, the electrical provider cannot offer participants priority restoration, nor does the Emergency Medical Equipment Program exempt customers from disconnection of electric service for non-payment.

The following are other resources available for patients needing home care:

Government and Non-Profit Organizations:

Private Caregiver Services:

Tips for Living at Home: