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Infant Monitoring

SmartMonitor® 2 Apnea Monitor

Help parents transition their baby to home monitoring SmartMonitor 2 is the newest apnea monitor technology available for home applications.  Suitable for home or hospital applications, SmartMonitor 2 is portable and easy to use. The front panel incorporates universal symbol vocabulary to eliminate language barriers and simplify parent training. The 2.0 MB of internal memory can be used for continuous or event recording of cardio-respiratory events and can be used to interface with virtually all oximeter platforms currently available. The monitor also features an internal modem option for remote access to data downloads, online real time viewing and faster data retrieval options such as the PC card.  
SmartMonitor® 2 Professional Series Apnea Monitor / Pulse Oximeter

Multi-Parameter Monitoring Facilitates the Discharge Planning Process The SmartMonitor 2PS provides healthcare professionals with the ability to monitor heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation data using one piece of equipment. As the only apnea monitor with revolutionary Masimo SET® technology, this sleek tool offers more comprehensive information than ever before and can be used in both the hospital or in the home. The SmartMonitor 2PS has increased memory capacity, 15-hours of portable operation and superior diagnostic-quality waveforms.  
Masimo Rad-8® Pulse Oximeter

Compact design and unmatched clinical performance, featuring Masimo SET® pulse oximetry, proven accurate during motion and low perfusion in more than 100 independent and objective studies ·    
> The accuracy of Masimo SET pulse oximetry has been shown to reduce false alarms by 95% without missing true clinical events ·    
> Simple, easy to use interface for quick setup and alarm management with one touch programming ·    
> Large LED color display is easy to read at a distance ·     > Compact, lightweight design is ideal for acute and alternate care settings including long term care facilities, homecare and sleep labs